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The period of the domain - a factor in ranking

long-period-domain-registration-better-search-engine-results The competition for better search results is constantly intensifying and all means are being used to achieve better results. In order to present real and unadulterated search results, search engines are constantly being improved. This is achieved through the constant inclusion of new factors and conditions. Such is, for example, the period of domain registration, which affects the position of a site and aims to eliminate those whose rating is artificially inflated.

For some time, the period for which a domain is registered is a factor that affects the position of the site in search. The tendency is that this factor will influence the positioning of the results in the future. First of all, any average Internet user would think, "What does the domain have to do with the site, as well as the position it will appear in when searching for a keyword?" And to some extent he will be right.

Until a few years ago, it was known that search results were based on keywords inserted into the content of the site, as well as on the content of the site itself. The role of the domain was limited to showing the location of the site associated with it and by typing it in a browser to allow users to access the site. In direct proportion to the growing information on the Internet, the popularity of search engines grew. The first positions in search by certain criteria began to bring tens to hundreds of thousands of impressions per day on a website, which in turn became a potential for the development of a very serious business.

The serious business opportunities that search engines began to offer inevitably led to an increase in attempts at speculation and fraud in shaping the results. It is because of this fact that factors that are practically unrelated to the results began to influence the formation of the results. One of the significant factors in recent times is the period of domain registration. The main idea in this case is that if a user who intends to somehow speculate with a domain, he would not register it for more than a year. This is because it is not worth investing in the registration of a domain for which it is not known whether it will bring any benefits. Typically, speculative users register dozens and hundreds of domains, and in this case the investment to register each of the domains for a longer period would cost a lot of extra money. Taking into account these, as well as a number of other less important factors, the teams dealing with the improvement of search algorithms have set in the algorithm and the term of domain registration, as criteria for positioning a site.

Any domain registered for a period equal to or longer than two years is considered serious and user-oriented and, other things being equal, a website associated with such a domain will rank higher in search results than all other sites associated with domains that are registered for a period of one year.

There are other arguments entirely related to the domain (date of initial registration, TLD, etc.), which for one reason or another are included in the search algorithms. The longer a domain is registered, the better the chances of it achieving better search results. It is very clear that the date of initial registration cannot be changed or reversed. It remains possible to extend the domain registration period prematurely. According to statistics, about 90% of domains are registered for a period of one year (except for domains with a minimum registration period of two or more years), and approximately 3/4 of them are renewed in the last month before their expiration, again for a period of one year. The remaining 1/4 are not renewed at all. In practice, this means that only 1 in 10 domains worldwide is registered for more than a year. If you add a few extra years to the registration period of your domain without waiting for it to expire, it will inevitably put your domain in a better position than the domains of your direct competitors.

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