3 reasons why a small business needs a website

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A popular maxim is that the happiest people are those who work хо their hobby. You've probably wondered more than once if you can't turn your favorite hours of gardening into a source of money. Or how can paragliding flights, in which you invest so much time, effort and money, start to pay off?  

Or maybe you already have a small family business that operates successfully in your city, but seems to be missing something… What about now?

If you don't want only your grandmother and her friends to hear about you, consider your own website. We give you at least 3 reasons why your small business needs a strong Internet presence.

1. Because… but first online! 

Are you going on vacation with your family and don't forget to tag yourself with a photo or a tag on social networks? And you probably like to share in the most impressive moment of your day. And why are you still postponing creating your own website for your business? 

According to a July 2020 survey by the Global Web Index, 81% of consumers search for a product or service online first.

However, even if you do not sell online, the presence on the Internet will make your business easily identifiable to potential users and will open new horizons for development.

2. Because it is important to keep the name of your business  

When a child is born, it is the responsibility of the parents not to be late in entering the name in the register of the respective municipality. The same is true with the domain name of your business's website. 

Don't delay buying a domain to make sure you keep the name you want before someone else does. Bet on it to be attractive, related to the activities of your business, product or service. It is important to be concise and understandable, as well as easy to remember. You will finally choose the extension when you realize the purpose and potential of your business. The national domain extension for Bulgaria is .BG, and if you are planning to expand, it would be good to choose an extension such as .EU and .COM. We always recommend that you keep your domain with several extensions to prevent unfair competition.

3. Because you will be able to communicate with your customers more easily

In their dynamic daily lives, most people prefer to leave a message or email to someone before calling on the phone. 

It is important that your business is able to respond through all channels. With the purchase of a hosting plan from VPSExtra, in addition to receiving secure and secure space for your website, as well as 24/7 support, you can also create professional emails with the name of your business.

If the domain name you have chosen is mywebsite.com, then mail to it can be, for example, contact@mywebsite.com or info@mywebsite.com. You can link the email directly to the inquiry form on the site, leave it on the page with ways to contact you, write it on your business cards or other promotional materials. This way you will look more reliable in the minds of your customers.