Do you want to be a part of a hard-working and determined team? Do you want your work to be valued and appreciated? Our team at VPSEXTRA.COM is like a family, making the surrounding environment fantastic to work within.

We appreciate values such as teamwork and proactivity and are willing to reward your efforts correctly for all achievements that you are capable of reaching. While being a part of our team, you will not only have the ability to gain theoretical knowledge, but will also be capable of putting it into practice.

We judge everyone equally and provide the same opportunity to every individual in order to ensure that everyone can have a chance of being offered the position. We will also offer you detailed feedback upon reviewing your application or conducting an official interview.

Just remember that the field of hosting is very demanding. However, your commitment and hard work will ultimately be appropriately rewarded and your efforts will be appreciated.

Here is a list of our available job openings. Choose your position and apply to become a member of our family today!

Unfortunately, we do not have any job openings at this time.

However, make sure to check back later as we are constantly looking to expand our team and improve our services.