Reliable server solutions

Servers are usually the backbone, and among the most valuable assets a business can have. They house precious data and run business-critical applications and services. That’s where we come in. We provide fast, reliable server hosting in world.

Our systems are German-engineered and run only on enterprise hardware. More importantly, we strive to provide nothing less than world-class service and support. Take a look at our comprehensive service portfolio. We’ve listed our servers below in ascending order of server cost.

Virtual servers / VPS Hosting

Not everyone can afford, or needs, an entire physical server. Cloud server software virtualises a physical server securely, isolating each user with their own share of resources. This allows clients to pay only for their portion of the resources they use. Dividing it up this way makes it affordable for anyone to buy a server online. We offer three kinds of virtual solutions.


VPS hosting

VPS (virtual private server) is a lightweight container that runs on the shared operating system of the host, which is Linux. This makes them the most cost-efficient virtual servers available. VPS’s are great for running websites, most lightweight applications, and websites that are too large for shared hosting. We offer VPS hosting in USA, UK, Spain, French, Bulgaria or Germany, so if you're looking for a server hosted in the USA, UK or Germany, our server solutions may be better suited to your needs.

Physical servers

Dedicated server hosting is hands-down the most powerful server solution there is. You get an entire high-calibre physical bare-metal server to yourself. One of the best parts? You won’t be hassled with the complications of acquiring and housing it in a state-the-art Data Centre. We take care of this for you. Dedicated servers are perfect for businesses that need high IOPS, read/write speeds, all CPU processing power, and the ability to tailor their server precisely to their requirements. If you’re trying to become a market leader, start here.

Managed cpanel shared servers

Servers are an extremely specialised technology and contain irreplaceable data, it’s imperative that they’re managed by qualified experts (enter VPSEXTRA). If you lack the time or technical skills to manage your own servers, you’ll be happy to know we offer managed server solutions. Our world-class devs and sysadmins will keep your servers serving. Now that’s service!

Customized servers

We know each individual and their business or online endeavours are unique. That’s why we tried our best to accommodate as many requirements as we could. You might find that your needs aren’t met by any of our plans, but we are able to tailor them. We understand your need for flexibility, and custom requirements, and will make a concerted effort to accommodate you. We offer the following customisations on our server solutions.

  • More resources and add-ons
  • Request a custom plan
  • Managed cPanel servers
  • Customise your OS