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What is a virtual server (VPS) and what are the benefits?

A virtual server (VPS) is a stand-alone server that runs together with other virtual servers on a single physical machine. The operation of the virtual server is completely independent from that of the other VPSs on the same machine. Each VPS can have different parameters, for example HDD, RAM and operating system.

If we arrange shared hosting, VPS and rented server in terms of price, the virtual server takes the best of the other two - the low price of regular hosting and the power of the rented server.

Is VPS right for me?

A virtual server is suitable for anyone who doesn't want the limitations of shared hosting, but doesn't want or can't afford to rent a physical server. With a VPS, you are free to use the resources provided to you as you see fit. You want a mail server - no problem! Or several online stores? With a virtual server, you can have everything at once!

All virtual servers offered by VPS Extra are provided with full root access. This allows for specific settings specifically for your applications and the ability to manage according to specific needs.

Virtual servers provide a number of advantages, such as:

  • having root access and full control over the server,
  • the possibility of hosting an unlimited number of domains and sites, subdomains, email accounts, databases, etc.,
  • possibility to install specific software,
  • more server resource,
  • great flexibility and many etc.

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